Improving Collaboration in Virtual Teams - with LEGO Serious Play

Are you working in virtual teams and the communication with your team does not work as smoothly as you envision it? Or are you setting up a virtual team right now and you would like to define rules and guidelines for an effective collaboration?


This synchronised workshop will take place at three different locations at the exact same time: in Bergamo (Italy), in Frankfurt and Munich (Germany). 


In this workshop, we will use the method LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to find out how different cultures define good remote team work and which special needs are to be tackled when working remotely. Also, we will discuss and work on improvement ideas. 


At the end, all three locations will virtually share their workshop results. 

This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in getting to know the method LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for team development processes and people working or planning to work remotely. 


Please be aware that pictures and video footage might be taken during the workshop. 

Registration is needed using this link.


We are looking forward to meeting you!

Anna Donato (Munich)
Matthias Renner (Frankfurt)

Daniele Radici (Bergamo)

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