Three Quick Tipps for Unlocking Creative Thinking

Creativity is one of the terms that has a different meaning and connotation for everyone. For some people, it is the liberty to follow a craft, painting, drawing, something that normally artists do. For others, it is the development of the most innovative marketing concept or new PR strategy. And for you, it might be something completely different.


As diverse as the definition of the term „creativity“ are the tools and ways to unlock creative thinking in individuals and groups. Something I work with almost every day. And although we always start with finding out about the individual connotation of creativity, these three essentials can always help in the process of unlocking creative thinking and idea generation in individuals and groups: 


#1: Relax! As easy as it may sound, it is not. When you look for a creative, innovative solution, when you follow an artisitic path or look for the most surprising birthday present. Your best idea will not come in a hurry or in a stressful situation. So, relax! Make some space in your mind and your idea will evolve.


#2: Connections. Try to connect two ideas that, at first sight, don´t have anything to do with each other. This will trigger your associations and lead to a source of inspiration. You design a new office chair? What could that one have to do with a car? With a strawberry? Or with a robot? 


#3: Perspectives: The change of perspective helps you broaden your horizon and come up with ideas you might not have developed before. You look for the coolest birthday present? What would Beyoncé do? What would Beyoncé do if she wouldn´t spend any money for it? 


The power of idea generation is something that follows one pattern: Quantity before Quality! Let your ideas flow, and take some time to simply collect them. Only afterwards you can „return to reality“ and see which ones you can really make happen.


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