3 #Hacks to build trust in your team – especially in Home Office Times

The bigger the trust, the stronger the team performance. This understanding might not be new; however, the conscious building of a trustful team, including honest and open team collaboration is far from being practiced everywhere.


Especially in our current times, a trustful communication is key and an absolute base for motivation, job satisfaction and the willingness to perform. 


So, what can you as a team leader do in particular to consciously strengthen the trust within your team?


#1: Be open and ask your team members how they are feeling. How they are really feeling.


Do you use digital whiteboards? Then why not start a meeting asking your team to upload a picture that describes their current state of mind. Or have your team members grab an item from their home office environment, based on which they explain their current mood. If you add some playful and creative aspects to your „trust building“ you not only loosen up the atmosphere, you also have the chance get deeper and more honest responses compared to “normal” conversation.


#2: Don´t be afraid to show emotions yourself!


How are you actually doing right now? Just because you are a team leader - the last weeks and months may not have passed you without a trace, either. Share some of your thoughts, fears, highs and lows within your team. You will see how fast you get team understanding and how your dialogue moves to deeper levels.


#3 Be honest about the near future.


You don´t know yourself what is coming the next weeks and months? Then be honest about it. If the budget is cut, an empty position not filled or jobs are in jeopardy, you do not help anyone by hiding the information or pretending all will be fine. Team and corporate objectives will not be reached this year? Ok – then say it and let´s start developing strategies to overcome these obstacles together! 




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