For which kind of problems or challenges does it make sense to apply the LEGO® SERIOUS


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a method without any predefined content. The facilitator adds content by

designing an individual workshop. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY works like a language, with which knowledge is

unlocked out of the participants. Therefore, the method can be applied to different areas: Team Identity

Building, Innovation and Product Development, Change Management, Communication, Branding,

Stategy Development, Problem and Risk Analysis as well as for the general development of individuals

(professionally and privately), teams, leadership members and organisations.


From a company´s point of view: When does it make sense to conduct a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY


You should be facing a complex challenge or problem, to which there is more than just one possible

answer or solution. In that challenge, it is especially relevant to have all workshop participants pull in the

same direction. At the same time you should be convinced that the success of such a meeting depends

on hearing all voices in the room.

Are you a courageous manager, who gives a voice to every team member? LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

workshops can go deep, they strike at the heart of the problem. Thus, you should really be interested in

solving that problem and not just touching it on the surface. The workshops make full use of your

employees´ knowledge and ideas, not only to find the best possible solution to the problem, but also to

enhance engagement and commitment in everyone participating.


What kind of logistic and organizational conditions should be fulfilled? 

We will discuss details in a personal conversation. But in general you should have a meeting room at

your disposal, ideally with a big table in the middle or more than one table where participants can gather

around. Depending on length and depth oft he workshop we might need some additional tables to store

some LEGO materials. If I cannot reach you by car, I would need to ship LEGO bricks and material

beforehand via a mail service. So you should be able receive and store those for some days.


How many people can participate in a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop?

An ideal group size is between 2 and 12 people. In case there are more participants required, we can

still split groups. Should there far more than 12 people, it would be advisable to include a second

facilitator to make sure that each participant gets enough space and time to build his or her models and

share his or her ideas on the topic. 


Can we keep the LEGO materials after a workshop? 

Normally you can´t. If, however, you wish to keep some, please let me know beforehand so I can order

specific ones. They will be then charged separately.


How do we document the results of a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop? 

There are different kinds of documentation methods depending on the problem we want to solve. By

request, I can send to you a detailed report or a summary of action points. However, visual solutions

have proven to be ideal. For example, you can easily take pictures or make a short movie of the final

results, the final strategy or product ideas. The meaning will be present to you even weeks and months

after the workshop – even without page-long reports. 


What happens if we don´t find a solution at the end of a workshop?


You will find a solution! If you look for a new strategy for your organisation, you will have one. If you want

a re-positioning or your team or include new team members, you will not only have gotten to know your

team much better in the course of the workshop, but you will have developed common targets. And if

you need to get new product ideas, you will get creative results in the end. Of course, we can also use a

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop as a kick-off to an internal process, which you can easily continue


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