The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method - Playful Meetings with Serious Outcomes

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Produktentwicklung Teambuilding

The LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® method brings creativity

and efficiency to workshops. Your advantages:

  • More effective meetings
  • More creative solutions
  • More fun
  • More teamwork and commitment among all participants
  • Faster and better decisions
  • Faster implementation of actions plans and solutions

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops make full use of your employees´ potential. Efficiency and creativity

are enhanced and innovative solutions to your respective challenges can be found. Also, on the side you

foster team development.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Produktentwicklung Teambuilding

Different kinds of business challenges can be addressed

in a LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®workshop. For example: 

  • Innovation and product development
  • Change Management
  • Team Identity Building
  • Communication
  • Strategy Development
  • Problem and Risk Analysis
  • Motivation and Future Scenario Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • and much more... 

CLASSIC Workshop

  • Power Point Presentations lasting for hours
  • Monologues by the same people
  • Clearly recognizable hierarchies: Not everyone is heard equally
  • Participants who disconnect and daydream
  • Workshops are not sustainable, people are unhappy with results



  • Teamwork: A solution is built by everyone 
  • Flat hierarchies: Each participant is involved in finding a solution
  • By building with your hands, knowledge in your mind is set free (science of constructionism)
  • State of "Flow": Participants are concentrated and active 
  • Effective and sustainable solutions: By seeing the own contribution, participants are committed and motivated


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Strategie Teambuilding

Image: A new strategy with which we test future scenarios and problem and risk analysis

Workshops using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method: 

  • go deep, invite to honesty and openness
  • explain problems and their causes
  • unlock knowledge and creativity out of each participant
  • illustrate the intangible and the abstract
  • visualize the challenge as well as the solution(s)
  • focus on bricks and metaphors, not on the people: That way conflicts can be discussed without getting personal 
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Teambuilding
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Produktideen Produktentwicklung
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Material

Backgroundinformation on the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method can be found here.