The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem solving

approach for individuals, teams and organisations. It is based on extensive scientific research from

business, organisational development, psychology and learning theories and is based on the concept of

“hand knowledge“, also called “constructionism“.


The Process of a Workshop

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Teambuilding Strategie

  • In a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop the participants are led through a series of questions individually developed by the facilitator.
  • Each participant build his own 3D LEGO model as an answer to those questions.

  • Finally, the 3D models serve as a base for individual and group thinking processes, for problem solving and decisionmaking. 

    The solutions are built in real-time, meaning: They will be standing right in front of you in 3D at the end of a workshop. 



LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Produktentwicklung Produktideen

Everyone is heard, every opinion counts. The LEGO

SERIOUS PLAY approach bases on the belief that the

knowledge and creative solution to a challenge can be

found in the participating group. They just need to be

unlocked. Not only to find the best possible solution to a

problem, but also to reach the highest commitment and

more engagement among the participants to solve it.


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is creative, open, encouraging and activating. There are flat

hierarchies in a workshop, every participant´s voice counts to the same extent – no matter if it is the

intern or the CEO – and contributes to finding solutions in the same way. Thereby, the meeting uses the

group´s full potential.


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Teambuilding Strategie
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop Werte Identität Entwicklung

  • The LEGO bricks serve as a common language among the workshop´s participants, a language that everyone can use, regardless of their origin, education or position.

  • The starting focus in a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop is on each participant. This means that everyone is actively involved in the process of finding solutions, developing strategies or generating ideas. This increases the probability that all parties will value the final decisions and agreements and are keen on putting them into action.

  • The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method develops more creative and concrete ideas and results because everyone has enough time to build his or her own answers before discussions emerge.

  • By using metaphors, 3D visualization and storytelling, the method enables faster and better communication avoiding misunderstandings at the same time.

  • Discussions in a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop can become really intense. By keeping the focus on the models, conflicts can be observed on a meta-level and stay impersonal.

In this YouTube video, the "Founders" of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen, are explaining why it is so strong and works so well.

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